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Event Recap: 2020 Vision – Part 1 – Space, Sponsors and Vendors oh my!

Ivy's Event Studio step-down area
Vision board area setup

The homie and I did a thing this weekend and hosted our very first event – 2020 Vision: Mindfulness, Makeup and Manifestation. Makeup artist extraordinaire – Charlene T. Easter and I hosted a beautiful event at Ivy’s Event Studio in Richmond, Virginia. By now you know how this all came about, so I will move swiftly into the recap (part one at least).

Ivy’s Event Studio

Ivy's Event Studio

View of main area and loft

This cute and perfectly arranged space served us well. We actually booked the space without even stepping foot into the space. The owner is sweet, responsive and handles hers. We will definitely see her again. With five distinct areas – main space, step-down space, kitchen, restroom and loft. We had just what we needed to create a safe and welcoming space for our attendees.

If you are looking for a black-owned event space, please consider Ivy’s Event Studio.


All good events have sponsors, right? Well, we had three amazing sponsors. We hand-picked these sponsors because we are customers and we wouldn’t want to just give away something we don’t support. That would be weird.

The Vitamin M Box

One attendee received a single Vitamin M Box that will be shipped directly to them in next shipment cycle. Thanks so much, Kerry! If you are curious about the Vitamin M Box, check out my most recent unboxing.
Kerry Croft, Owner of The Vitamin M BoxKerry Croft is the founder of The Vitamin M Box LLC.  “M” standing for Melanin.  Kerry’s passion for her people and community brought her to the vision of creating a platform to highlight Black owned Businesses in all industries.
The Vitamin M Box isn’t just a subscription box, it’s a space where consumers are not only made aware of the unique Black owned businesses that are out there but for Black entrepreneurs to be given the stage to introduce their products nationwide and be able to share their story through her social media highlights of not only the brand but the business owner as well.  Kerry is also dedicated to paying it forward by donating 10% of the proceeds every third month to a non-profit/charity that aids in the uplifting and building of the Black and Brown community.
The Vitamin M Box has now grown into curated events called The Vitamin M Experience and merchandise. The Vitamin M Box where we help to Build Our Communities. Support Our Businesses. Tell Our Story.

Goddess Body

24K Goddess Glow Elixir

Image Credit:

Angela of Goddess Body provided all attendees with a full-sized bottle of an exclusive product. The 24K Goddess Glow Elixir “…utilizes herbs such as mullein, turmeric and other plant based ingredients to stimulate healthy sustained hair growth and oxygenation (nourishment) to scalp and roots.” Of course there are some additional added benefits that go beyond the physical, but you can read more about that on the website. If you looking for some guidance, please know that I am beginning my goddess glow elixir journey tomorrow.

Anyone who knows me knows that I love me some Goddess Body. I am a detoxer and I choose Goddess Body. I have had the pleasure of working out with this goddess during my very first detox experience, cultivating a friendship and genuine love this woman whom I call my cosmic cousin. Thank you so much for sponsoring!

If you are interested in learning more about Goddess Body, please be on the lookout. Something big is coming from her soon. And no worries, I’ll tell you all about it!

Love Mila Brand

You may have read about my experience with Jamila and planning for this event was no different. She is amazing. I love my waist beads and am looking forward to acquiring more. They remind me of my femininity and keep me aware of my ever-changing body.

Like many things, waist beads derive from African culture. Jamila gifted one attendee with a single strand of custom waist beads. Thank you so much, Jamila! I am so looking forward to connecting with you this year. Check out her website for more information about what she has to offer.


In addition to our  amazing sponsors, our vendors also donated a gift bag of goodies for one attendee. We also created a few bags for our queens as well.

Thank you to our vendors:

As you can see, our attendees were loved on in a beautiful way. Thank you all for your support, presence and time. In Part 2 of the recap, we will move into the Mindfulness segment. Malikah did that!

Peace and Love.




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