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Autism Taught Me: Lesson 2 – Everything you need is already within

Autism Awareness

The end of April has arrived and I would be remiss not to acknowledge Autism Awareness month. As this journey of love and compassion continues, the second lesson autism continues to teach us (as a family) is – Everything you need is already within.

You are what you believe

Before the autism diagnosis, I would describe myself as scattered, disorganized and just all over the place. The good was pulled up out of me for sure. I became an organized, determined and quite the assertive woman. I was determined to secure treatment for our son. What I learned from this experience is that I can be focused, organized and purpose-driven. I kept a little blue notebook where I jotted down notes from my many provider inquiries, insurance discussions and more.  Everything I need is already within.

When it feels like a movie…

The services recommended for our son included various therapies. These were visits that required co-pays, which would add up quickly. This was scary. The ABA therapy was highly recommended from our pediatrician and ironically was the most time intensive, intrusive and expensive. As we completed the intake process, the final component was to secure funding. We were advised from the provider’s staff that our insurance would cover a portion of services recommended for the calendar year. This would leave us with two options – 1) decline services or 2) qualify for Medicaid in order to secure services. Acknowledging that we would not qualify for Medicaid, we discussed of so many ideas that would help us secure funding for our some; some were unthinkable solutions, but we had to make it work. This truly felt like a scene in a movie and it hurt. Given the circumstances, how could we possibly secure the services we needed for our son?

The Creator provides

After being told by the service provider and other insurance representatives that our insurance had a cap for these services, I decided to call the insurance company directly to continue to inquire. That’s when I was connected to a specialist who was a seasoned professional and whose purpose was to check-in on parents of children with neurological differences. As usual, she asked how I was doing and about our son’s progress each time we talked. She was an angel. I shared with her the challenges we were facing and she informed me that our plan required a minor out-of-pocket deductible be paid and that the insurance company would take care of 100% of the rest. Our specific plan did not have a cap as the provider mentioned and that it was essentially unlimited.

We thought we would have to do the unthinkable to secure services for our son, but God! We were covered the whole time. I thanked her for confirming this and cried tears of gratitude and relief after we disconnected.The resources we needed were already in place.

I share this story to encourage a mother who is trying to figure things out. Whether you just received a diagnosis or have that feeling that you need to get one,  know that the strength you need is already there. Though it may have been lying dormant for quite some time, it will make a swift and powerful comeback. Angels (physical and spiritual) have been assigned to you by the Creator to help guide you along this journey. Resources are being corralled and/or revealed to ensure that you and yours can and will be just fine. Trust it. Believe it. You’ve got this, Mama! The Creator makes no mistakes.

Peace and Love.

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