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Event Recap: Vitamin M Experience – Virtual Edition

Vitamin M Virual Experience

The Vitamin M Experience – Virtual Edition was held on Friday, April 17, 2020. Quarantine and stay-at-home orders could not stop this queen from pressing forward. Having attended this event in-person and acknowledging the beauty of melanin-rich entrepreneurs sharing, supporting and inspiring one another – I just had to be there. Raffles, music, beverages, dancing – it was all a part of this inspiring and purposeful event.


Vendors were given the opportunity to tell their story and share their business with attendees. Leveraging the power of the infamous web conferencing tool, Zoom, it was a great experience. Not surprisingly, many of the vendors also serve as Vitamin M Box collaborators in past months. In addition to sharing their stories, these vendors also offered attendees “one night only” discount codes to shop their online stores.

This was not a party all about luxe cosmetics and smell goods. Vendors such as The Queen BluePrint and Shannon Shannon and Associates offered financial services. Coaches like SMA Consulting and Faith and Authority were in the house sharing the services they provide. It was so beautiful to see women who look like me thriving in their divine appointment. I felt community, love, support and sisterhood through the computer screen.


There were a few takeaways that I cannot leave you without. Two vendors provided tips that resonated with me in a mighty way.

Queen Candace of The Queen Blueprint specializes in money management and has a powerful story on how her business came about. She shared six recommendations on what to do with your stimulus check. I won’t give them all away here, but here final tip – “Register your business” made me bow my head. You see, this blog is a hobby for me, but it should be my business. There are no mistakes. Stay tuned.

Ms. Sheila of SMA Consulting was not playing with us! I loved her energy. SMA Consulting specializes in accountability coaching and shared easy-to-follow strategies for getting stuff done. The very first step she shared – “Write down every idea you have over the next two weeks” – hit me hard. It serves as a way to begin your planning progress and ushers us into a space of being more intentional.


Much like the live experiences, this was no different. Raffles were live and well. We love free stuff, don’t we? Candles, services, consultations, books and more were being handed out left and right. My big win for the evening was two free consultations with Ty of Faith and Authority. This win was right on time! I have had my first session with her and it’s one of the reasons why I am writing this blog post right now. No worries, I’ll craft a second post about my coaching experience in a separate post.

Kerry, please keep rising. Success looks good on you, gyal!

Peace and Love.

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