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Event Recap: The Vitamin M Experience – Richmond Edition

The Vitamin M Experience - Richmond Edition

The Vitamin M Experience - Richmond Edition

It’s no secret that I am subscriber and hardcore fan of The Vitamin M Box. You already know this. Well, this past Saturday, I had the pleasure of attending The Vitamin M Experience – Richmond Edition. The experience was laced in what The Vitamin M Box stands for:

  • Build Our Communities.
  • Support Our Communities.
  • Tell Our Story.

Attendees experienced  blackness, entrepreneurship, education and some pretty dope thangs!

Note: I do not use the word ‘dope’ in my vocabulary regularly, so I am geeking out that I just did. Ha!

So, let’s talk about how The Vitamin M Experience fulfilled it’s mission for me personally.

Tell Our Story

So listen, I am an introvert and can be considered to be anti-social at times. I like to call it selectively social. I had to gear up for this event mentally. How could a hardcore fan like me miss this event when it was coming to my city, though? Attending the event alone inspired me to get out more. Let’s talk about a few things that made this well worth the time for me.

Speakers and Conversations

Guest Speakers discussed topics such as the cannabis industry, mental health, gardening and more. So much information was pouring in, I had to pull out my notebook. Truly informative and inspiring!

As the master of nestling in a quiet corner and engaging in deep conversation. I despise that fake, water-cooler talk and so I do not engage. Well, I ended up attracting some of that good quiet conversation and it was amazing. I had the opportunity to meet Joy – owner of Yoga Joy and the MUA of the day – Amber of Stacked Confidential. We chatted about life, family and friend support, entrepreneurship and faith. that conversation alone restored my faith in so many things. Thank you, ladies for engaging.


I suppose I have an entrepreneurial presence and/or I am walking in my purpose because I was asked on more than one occasion about my business.Truth is…I don’t have one – yet! This current journey is helping me become more clear on my purpose and the true mission of my budding business. I have been an entrepreneur with a business in the past. Today I am an entrepreneur without a business (formally).

There was a brief moment that generated a complete and utter shift in me. I was wearing a white-on-white t-shirt that read “Only God Can Judge Me”. Amber stopped me, read the shirt, complimented me on the design and message and asked me one simple question – Is that your brand? My response was a regretting “No.” When I tell you it was disappointing to have to say that. That right there was a missed opportunity. Thank you, Amber for the inquiry. You created a shift and you didn’t even know it.

Blog Changes

I am currently in the midst of a career transition. I am making plans for this blog in a beautiful way (aesthetically, content-wise and purposefully). Because I love a good testimony, be prepared to be inspired. I’m taking it back to the strategies used in my first blog. It’s coming.

Support Our Communities

I am officially on a mission to convert any and all expenditures I make to black-owned businesses. That means goods and services. The state of this nation is depressing. The superiority complex that permeates our country, workplaces, public policies and laws is disgusting. I am convinced that one of the best ways to make an impact is in the pocket. What would happen if more of us participated in cooperative economics (Ujamaa)? What would happen if Black Wall Street was resurrected? I believe it is possible and I will do my part to contribute to these efforts.

Speaking of support, check out my fave finds from Love Mila Brand and Wild Child Dzigns.

Love Mila Brand

Love Mila Brand Waist BeadsI knew from the posts that she would be there. I have been wanting some waist beads for quite some time and now I have some. Honeeeeyyyyy, I am feeling sexy and ultra feminine. Jamila was so patient as I shopped and did a custom fit right there on the  spot.

Because these are a bit sacred to me, no pics. Just know that hubby has called them body bracelets, body bands and a few other things that I will not include here. Nah…ain’t gone do it.


Wild Child Dzigns

Wild Child Dzigns EarringsWhen I tell you that I have been eyeing this queen and her amazing designs for years, I am being completely honest. I am a self-proclaimed earring whore. Yes, I am a ho for the ear dangle. I am very frugal, but will spend as much on a good pair of earrings as I will a good meal. It’s my weakness. My locs have caused the addiction to subside, but now that I am about to cut all this hair off…it’s winding back up, yall.

Build Our Communities

I am sick and tired of feeling less than because I am not receiving an invitation to “the table”. I am tired of watching others make decisions based on what they think and in all honesty have no clue about.

Miss me with a seat at your table. You can see me on my throne. It’s time to build, fam!

Kerry Croft, Owner of The Vitamin M BoxKerry, you are the Creator of an amazing business. If anyone hasn’t told you, know that you inspire me each and every month. Receiving this box each month reminds me of the possibilities, my femininity and my power. It sparks creativity and reminds me how wonderfully talented we as a people are. Thank you.

Please stay on the path of your purpose. You. Did. That. You are doing it. Keep going!



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