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Why I Love the ‘D’: Get Some Sleep

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Sweat-soaked sheets one minute, freezing cold the next – does this sound familiar? Those in the perimenopausal phase probably know exactly what I’m talking about. It’s frustrating, uncomfortable and can be down right gross. What I despise most about these hormonal shifts is that they rob me of one of the most precious gifts – sleep.

We deserve rest

Hustle culture is dead. Late nights – early mornings – loved the album, but I refuse to feed into the lifestyle. These days I am going to bed. Sleep is our body’s way to restore and heal. It often brings with it beautiful dreams and messages from other realms or perhaps even visits from ascended souls. Why did we ever agree that sleep was not a necessity? I’m going to say this with the most loving and respectful intention – girl, go to bed!

Vitamin deficiencies and sleep

Prior to my vitamin journey, my sleep was haphazard. I would go to sleep with no problem, but staying asleep became the challenge. Insomnia, hormonal shifts, temperature shifts, stress and more negatively impacted my ability to rest peacefully.

After consistently taking D3 for roughly two weeks, I began to notice the positive impact it was having on my ability to have a good night’s sleep (among other things). According to an article published in the National Journal of Medicine, “Growing evidence has demonstrated that vitamin D has a role in sleep regulation. Specifically, vitamin D deficiency (VDD) can increase risk of sleep disorders and is associated with sleep difficulties, shorter sleep duration, and nocturnal awakenings in children and adults.” Now that I am easing into D3 (and other vitamins), I am noticing the return of peaceful sleep once more.

Holistic practices for sleep

In addition to vitamin D supplements, I also made it a practice to have a cup of warm tea before bed. There is something so calming about boiling water, pouring and brewing tea that soothes my soul. Combining that with the required slow drinking – oh, it is amazing! I intentionally chose chamomile and lavender for the impact on the nervous system and calming effects respectively. 

My dear friend and YouTube sensation, Charlene T. Easter, did an interview with the owner of Likkle Tree Herbs where they discussed holistic practices to aid in restful sleep. Check it out!

Peace and Love.

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