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The Vitamin M Box: January 2019 Goodness

January 2019 Vitamin M Box

You have seen me post and record videos all about the Vitamin M Box. Yes, the owner is a homie but friend or no friend, I am a supporter of quality and meaningful goodness. I have been a subscriber since the inception of the Vitamin M Box. In fact, many of my family members opened their gifts from Vitamin M Boxes this year. I am a fan, a subscriber, a supporter and lover of the Vitamin M Box.

Now, let’s take a tour of what the January 2019 box was all about. The theme was Glow Up and honeyyyyyy that we did!

The Growth Journal

Growth Journal by Addie RawrIn all honesty, I love the idea of journaling and look forward to the day when I do it daily. At present moment, I am averaging one to two times per week. To open my box and see a journal complete with prompts as well as space for free writing, truly made me smile. Created by Addie Rawr, this journal is something special. I find it inspiring and I look forward to using it. Definitely, check out this queen’s site because her talent is undeniable.

Tassel Earrings

Tassel Earrings by Star Diaz CollectionNow, this is not the first pair of tassel earrings I  have received from my subscription and I love these all the same. Designed by the Star Diaz Collection, these dangly beauties are whispering to my ear lobes waiting for an opportunity to adorn. So far, we are getting our minds right through journaling and getting a little glam with some dangly tassel earrings. Yes, the glow up is coming…

‘Wrapped in Tradition’ Enamel Pin

Let me just tell you that this sparkling melanated silhouette of a woman was the thing I could not wait to touch. Upon opening up my box, this was the item that I ripped open and placed on my clothes. I wore it to work and I will tell you – I noticed some uncomfortable looks..and…I…loved…every…moment. Ayeshanti Designs did a job on this pen. The glitter combined with the silhouette creates a beautiful contrast that mimics the glow of us. Thank you!

LipLove in ‘Power’

LipLove in PowerLipLove in Power - LipsLipLove in Power - lips





Ummmmmm…yeahhhhhh…we got some lip gloss. This is not the first time we have seen LipLove in our boxes. The first was a custom golden color that was birthed through a collaboration with the Vitamin M Box. This particular gloss called Power is a pretty, slightly metallic, yet natural pink. One thing that I love about LipLove is the silky (not sticky) feel of the gloss. Look, my lips had been a little rough-dry and this gloss kept me luscious with a lovely tint and moisturized. I don’t know what you put in your gloss, but it works for me, Sis.

Bennett College

Not only did we glow up for ourselves, but as a collective of subscribers we contributed to the culture. Ten percent of the proceeds from our subscriptions were donated to Bennett College. If you have not heard, Bennett College must raise 5 million dollars in order to remain open. This Historically Black College needs our help and they must raise these funds by Friday, February 1st.

Well, that’s all for my January 2019 Vitamin M Box. I’m getting exciting about what’s in store for February.

Peace and Love.

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