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Peace & Love

Event Recap: 2020 Vision – Part 3 – Manifestation + Makeup

Charlene applying natural glam makeup

2020 Vision: Mindfulness, Manifestation and Makeup has truly poured into and recharged a number of queens. I am still receiving feedback and am so grateful for it all. So far we’ve shared info about the space, sponsors and vendors as well as the amazing mindfulness segment. It is now time to focus on manifestation and makeup.


Shortly after the mindfulness session, we moved into an intermission where queens had the opportunity to network, eat and sip. As you’ve read, the manifestation component was two-fold – a release ceremony and vision boards.

Release Ceremony

The year 2019 was the year of my shift. Sleep deprivation, depression, therapy – it was a whirlwind. I was determined to get reacquainted with me. I lost touch with the true me – my desires, my boundaries, my purpose. Releasing my locs in 2020 was not only a spiritual commitment, but it also represents me walking into several milestones that I believe were by the Creator’s design.

Before releasing my locs, I shared a moment of transparency with the queens in the room and also invited them to join me in releasing. They each wrote down a thing (or few) that they were releasing as they walk boldly into 2020. They stuffed those items into a balloon. Each queen then shared what she was releasing and placed their balloon in a bag. Charlene and I will be blowing the balloons up with helium and releasing them very soon. We will record the release for sure.

My Release

Big Chop BeginsAfter introducing Chaunda, I turned on one of my favorite songs – Naked by Fertile Ground. As each loc was snipped, I felt lighter. In some instances, I felt fear and pain. My eyes were closed nearly the whole time. There were tears, hugs, kisses and prayers. Thank you, Ms. C for praying with me. Everything changed after that. Thank you, Mrs. B for that hug and kiss. You have been a part of so much of my personal journey. [Exhale]

Praying during big chopBig Chop

Once all locs were snipped, the light in the room changed. One queen shared with me that she noticed a beam of light pour into the room as soon as the last loc was cut. My angels were there for sure.

Thank you to each and every queen that shared space, time and energy while releasing during that special and sacred ceremony. It was truly an unforgettable moment. I love you all.

Vision Boards

women creating vision boardsWith the queens free of 2019 “stuff”  and my locs nearly gone, Charlene invited everyone to begin their vision boards while the hair cut resumed. The ladies were all in!


We look forward to hearing about the things you manifest this year!


Charlene applying natural glam makeupWell, what kind of collaboration would this be without and Epiphany Beauty makeup demo? Charlene had me glowing and shared several tips to help us achieve those fabulous enhancements. It’s too bad I did not have plans to go out on a hot date. I took my beautiful self home and sat on the couch. Ha! I sat around in makeup for hours before washing it off, though.

Let me just say that I am humbled and grateful for friendship, sisterhood and God’s grace. Thank you all for joining us and for those of you who could not, we hope to see you at another event.

My name is Kenyada and I am a Queen Rising.

Peace and Love.


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