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Release activity – what happened?

During our last event, beauties participated in a release activity comprised of writing old habits, emotions and/or hinderances down on slips of paper and stuffing those snippets into a balloon. We made a commitment to conduct a balloon release to symbolize the removal of those negative concepts. Well, what had happened was….

Oprah looking nervous

Your girl thinks too much! Yes, that balloon release sounded beautiful and symbolic. It was a great idea! I even went to the store to purchase that fifty dollar helium tank. I was all in! Then came the Internet. I started to wonder about the impact on the environment and that was strike one. Next, I began to think about the innocent soul who may be on the edge, finds one of those slips of paper containing a negative concept and is pushed to a dark place. Strike two! Did I mention that I think to much?

What happened to the balloons?

Needless to say, I have been riding around with that negativity in my car since January 4, 2020.

LL Cool J giving the side eye

Well, today I release it. I am done. Do you know what I’m doing with that mess? I am throwing it in the trash! Honestly, one of the articles I read mentioned that cutting the balloons into small pieces and disposing of the pieces was a viable option. I am not peering into your dark places, Queens. Nope. I have my own mess to deal with. It’s going in the trash – every whole balloon, uncut and dumped!

Throwing garbage in the trash

There is nothing pretty about the things we wrote down. While the balloon release sounded great and beautiful, that mess needs to go into the trash. Anyone who finds it will have to dig through the trash, think to open up a balloon, unravel the paper and read the content to get it. Boom!

And we’re done.

Peace and Love.

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