Plant-based Diaries: Entry #0010 – The Uptown Vegan

Whoever told you that eating a plant-based diet was uneventful or lacked flavor lied! I was elated to learn that my February 2019 Vitamin M Box featured a sweet treat from The Uptown Vegan. Having recommitted to this plant-based lifestyle, I could not wait to check out the goodness within.

Because of my nut allergy, I was so anxious to learn about the ingredients. Unfortunately, none were listed on the packaging. Okay, so off to the website I go! I scrolled and searched, searched and scrolled and found nothing. Ugh! This is what happens when you are a such a food snob! LOL! I then took it to Facebook and was pleasantly surprised by the quick response time. I needed my treat for dessert, yall! She informed me that there were no nut ingredients. Yessssss!

The Uptown Vegan cookies

I initially thought I had a vegan cookie sandwich, but was soooo wrong. I actually had two vegan cookies inside – one chocolate chip and a sugar cookie. Being the loving wife that I am (on most days), I decided to share the love with hubby. He pretends to be vegan sometimes. Let’s talk about the cookies.

The Uptown Vegan - Chocolate Chip and Sugar Cookies

Chocolate Chip

Hubby was the first to taste this one and his response was “Hmmm…that’s pretty good.” Yeah, so that’s all we’re getting out of him. Good thing he’s not blogging.

The cookie was light and I really appreciated the way that the chocolate chips were enveloped/hidden within the cookie. It was like a beautiful surprise. From a flavor standpoint, I could not put my finger on the flavor I was tasting. Was it licorice? I give this cookie three out of four stars.

Sugar Cookie

Now this one was my winner. I loved it so much that I didn’t even share. Hubby looked at me and said, “You didn’t even let me try that one.” LOL! Oops!

First and foremost, it was sooooo pretty! The sugar crystals on top were sparkling and reminded me of glitter. I broke the cookie into small pieces as I devoured it because I wanted to savor the flavor. Well done, Sis! I would order these. Yummers! I give this cookie a four out of four stars.

Peace and Love.


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