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Vitamin M Box - June 2020 Vitamin M Box - June 2020


Peace, Fam. These past few months have been challenging. I’ve been busy building, studying and maintaining. No matter the lack of consistency on my...

May 2020 Vitamin M Box May 2020 Vitamin M Box


This month Vitamin M celebrates three years in business.  Happy Anniversary!!! Many of you know how addicted I am to the Vitamin M Box. Honestly,...

Self-ish Aromatic Body Tea Self-ish Aromatic Body Tea


Well, hey there lovely. What brings you here? Did the title make you clutch your pearls? I certainly hope so. This post is in...

Bougie Blue by Mysteek Naturals Bougie Blue by Mysteek Naturals


I know the song ‘Bad and Bougie’ is old, but it’s the first thing that came to mind when trying to title this post....

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