Top 5 #PrettyThangs of January 2019

Is this the longest month or what?! LOL! I am not complaining, though. As you know, my theme of the month has been Just Embracing Me (JEM) and that I did. As I sat back reflecting on the month, I thought it would be a great idea to share my top 5 moment of the month. Going forward, I will call these my #prettythangs.

Pretty Thang #5 – Vitamin M Box

Look, you know I love it and my last post was about it. Getting my goodies each month reminds me of my femininity, which is crucial in a house full of man, man-child and little guys. All I will say is if you haven’t already, consider donating to Bennett College.

Pretty Thang #4 – The Moon

No, I am not referencing the Wolf Super Blood Moon that we had. I heard about it and even thought about staying up to see it with my own two eyes, but…what had happened was…I went nighty-by. So, the moon I am referencing is the new moon. To me the new moon is a reminder from the Creator that new beginnings are possible. The moon waxes and wanes, controls the water on earth and does is magic in 28-day cycles (sound familiar?).

The most recent new moon took place this month and I decided to take advantage of it. I prepared a bath filled with salt, oils, and stones. I lit my candle in my pink himalayan salt candle holder and burned my good incense. After soaking, I wrote 28 intentions for the month. Oh, it felt so good! I now have a ritual to call my own.

Pretty Thang #3 – Manicure Me

Why yall ain’t tell me how beautifully bougie giving yourself a manicure is?! Oh. My. Goodness. I felt like the little girl from Remember the Titans when coach’s daughter tried to play with her. She proclaimed ‘I just did my nails’.

woman blowing her nails dry

Honey, I had the living room on fire with nail funk. Nobody wanted to come near me. Oh, it was stinking so good! To top it all off, I couldn’t touch a thing, dahhhling. Ha! So, yes…I have another ritual. I will be giving myself a manicure every other week.

Pretty Thang #2 – ‘Me’ Time

I did something for myself this month. I went to a mindfulness workshop and loved every moment of being in the company of women. The fellas were at home with Daddy and Momma was experiencing some ‘me’ time. Yeah, that will happen more often for sure.

Pretty Thang #1 – I Got Stacks!

My creative flow has been stunted. I still miss being behind the chair from time to time. My ‘Pretty Thangs’ used to be the appreciation for natural hair that I was able to cultivate with my clients. So, what’s an artist to do? Create!

I was purging one evening and found a gift card. I immediately spent the gift card as I prepared to create something special. Yall…I made a bracelet, another and finally a stack! I used lava beads, druzy, gold wire, pendants and even some 14K gold-filled beads.

Lava Bead Bracelets Lava Bead Bracelet Stack





I chose lava beads because I love essential oils and I know that I can create my own personal diffuser of sorts with those. Yall, I have been wearing my bracelets and the scent (my personal favorite is lemongrass) is all up in my nostrils. It’s therapeutic and I love it!

What do you think?

No matter what your days look like, please take the time to reflect on what was beautiful. Queen, you better count your #prettythangs!

Peace and Love.

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