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She’s Blue and Bougie

I know the song ‘Bad and Bougie’ is old, but it’s the first thing that came to mind when trying to title this post. I did a thing in honor of Autism Awareness Month – I colored my hair blue! Yes, your girl is Blue and Bougie – Ow!

Mysteek Naturals

After learning that Mysteek Naturals was a black-owned, temporary, vegan and all natural hair color company – I had to try it. I ordered this goodness a few weeks ago and continued to postpone my color day. In all honesty, I was a little scared because I’m not that into color – especially bold color on myself. Well, that has changed! My ordering experience was easy, supportive and efficient.  She’s excellent!

Bougie Blue

Bougie Blue by Mysteek NaturalsOut of all of the colors offered, I chose Bougie Blue as my color. Blue is significant for autism and while I’m unsure if this was intentional or not – it is also the color for the throat chakra. The throat chakra controls our ability to speak among other things. You’ll find that blue-colored stones (like lapis lazuli) are recommended for those with challenges with this chakra. Blue was my tribute to autism. This journey has taught us compassion and the power of trusting the Creator. Our son did not speak until he was roughly four and this is one of the red flags for autism. He is now verbal and able to express himself.

Quarantine Party

As if things could not get any better, I received an email from Mysteek Naturals to show up for a Quarantine Color party. I lit up! Yes, I attended. Yes, I got one-on-one help on applying my color from the creator of the product. It was amazing. Electra – the owner of Mysteek Naturals – was such an amazing host. Her family showed up for demos and it was so beautiful to see the friends that came to join the party for support. If I wasn’t so hungry, I would have stayed for Karaoke.

The Response

My husband who is not a fan of change, wasn’t really feeling it. I didn’t do it for him though. Ha! Our teenager laughed a lot and said that it was “sweet”. Our littles were mesmerized and want blue hair of their own. Wanna guess what we’re doing tomorrow?


Coloured Raine in RoyalNot only did I want to color my hair blue, I wanted to create a look. Now, I am no makeup artist, but I have tons of cosmetics thanks to my subscription to the Vitamin M Box. There was one thing I know I wanted – Royal –  a matte blue lippie. That color had not come in my box yet, so I researched black-owned, cruelty-free and vegan makeup lines. That’s when I landed on Coloured Raine. If you want bold colors and pigments – she’s got you!

Smiling woman with blue hair and lipsThe Facial Bar HiliteShimmer Body Spray by Luving Me Naturally

In addition to the lip, I am also wearing the following:


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