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Just embracing me – Part 1: The transition

blue butterfly on leaf

butterfly on a leaf

It is time to transition. Having spent the bulk of my life following the rules, doing things by the book and exercising patience – I now question how much longer this way of life will serve me. Enduring, keeping quiet, continuing to serve/work in spite of the fruit – it all sounds beautiful – until it doesn’t. It all sounds beautiful until you’re tired. This sweet way of existing sounds great until you receive that subtle whisper of “Hey sweetness, there is more for you.”

The uncomfortable phase

My queue that a transition is on the way usually manifests in a number of ways to include dreams, symbols, fatigue, irritability and simply being uncomfortable. No matter how recently I may have expressed contentment, joy or happiness about a particular thing, situation or relationship – when that whisper comes – I shift.

As a woman of a certain age Iwould be remiss not to mention that many of these manifestations may also be connected to the infamous peri-menopause. We’ll talk about that later.

While grateful for the many situations, people and experiences in my life at this moment, I am uncomfortable. There is something stirring up within my soul that is yearning to give, love and exist in the purest of form. I am not showing up as boldly as I could. My voice must be heard. There is more for me.

Reflection and action

Having heard the whisper and still being a bit uncomfortable, I have reflected (and continue to reflect) upon the ways in which I can first honor the Most High, this temple and become a vessel of love and light.

My orders are to cleanse, detox and share. That is precisely what I will do. Throughout this process, I will also be certain to renew my mind regularly while being aware of the words, sounds, energies and environments permeating my being and those that I emit. I am committed and I’m coming out of hiding.

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