Shrink for what?

Sarah Jakes Roberts quoteNot too long ago I stumbled upon an excerpt of a sermon by Sarah Jakes Roberts entitled Headwinds. This was a message that hit home with me and had me stomping my feet! One of the most powerful quotes from the message for me was “I’m not going to shrink to make you comfortable.”

Let me tell you, I (like us all) have had some ¬†beautiful and hurtful seasons in my life thus far. There was this one season that immediately followed an extended valley experience where I was being blessed royally and in unimaginable ways. I don’t consider myself to be a bragger and so I would not speak of these things often – only to those that I considered to be near and dear to me. These were the folks that I believed would be genuinely happy for me. Until one day, the truth was exposed.

Truth Moment #1

As I am sharing my blessing with a dear friend, she begins to rant about how this happened to me and questioned why she did not have the opportunity. She made me feel bad about my blessing as if I had taken something from her. She proclaimed that the blessing that was issued to me was something she had been yearning for for years and she just could not fathom how it was me instead of her. Ouch! Shortly thereafter I made the decision that if we are to be true friends, a friend should be happy for me – genuinely – and not compare oneself to lil ol me. I found myself shrinking my blessings to make her comfortable. I found myself avoiding making positive announcements due to the uncertainty pertaining to the response I may receive. Man, I had to let that thang go!

Truth Moment #2

Another beautiful soul in my life simply stated “I’m tired of hearing good things about you.” Ouch! Once again, I felt shame in sharing my breakthrough. If the Creator blessed me with it, how could you possibly be upset? Do you know what I have gone through to realize these blessings? Our conversations became rare and very surface level after that point. I hate surface conversations. Ugh!

Beyonce rolling her eyes

In both of these moments I realized that in order to appease (make comfortable) these folks I was minimizing the wonderful things that the Creator has done for me. I was brought out of my valley experience and showered with unimaginable blessings. These folks loved me when I was struggling…when I was down and out…when I had all of that drama going on. Now that the negativity has been purged, the mere mention of a Love-filled life is annoying. ¬†Guess what…“I’m not going to shrink to make you comfortable.”

Wrestler being extra in the ring

Queen be bold and undeniable in the Love that you have been given from the Creator. Get comfortable with the fact that the Creator works through you. Someone will be inspired by your testimony, your walk, your talk…

You grow, Queen!


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