Event Recap: 2020 Vision – Part 2 – Mastering Mindful Self-Love with Malikah Karim

Malikah Karim presenting Mastering Mindful Self-Love2020 Vision: Mindfulness, Makeup and Manifestation began with the topic of mindfulness. Mastering Mindful Self-Love was presented by Malikah Karim.

Mastering Mindful Self-Love

The session was filled with grounding exercises, self-assessment, reflection and sharing. During the self-assessment we were all required to assess our strengths on a scale from one to five considering five practical tenants/principles. Mindfulness is about being aware and this exercise was the perfect way to check ourselves. Thank you to the women who were bold enough to reflect out loud. Know that you blessed us.

Towards the end of the exercise, Malikah gifted each participant with an affirmation card. Responses to these affirmations included tears, goosebumps, exhales and more. I believe that everything happens for a reason. The message handed to each queen was on purpose for sure.

Thank you, Malikah, for facilitating such a purposeful and powerful session. We appreciate you and look forward what is to come. So many queens approached me with nothing but positive feedback on your session. Thank you so much for sharing time and space with us.

About Malikah

Malikah KarimMalikah is a down to earth Mind + Body coach that helps hard working women find the tools and wellness lifestyle that gives them light & vibrancy mentally and physically. She is a Wellness expert specializing in the health & well-being of mental AND physical wellness with 8+ years experience in woman’s health management, joint and alignment support, fitness and mindfulness coaching.

In addition to serving as a woman’s advocate, Malikah is  a published author. She has co-authored a book entitled Awakened to Wellness, which is set to launch this month along with her online sanctuary – Reclaiming my Light!  Stay tuned for more information on these two amazing wellness gems.

Peace and Love.

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