Introduction to Frankincense: Flatulence and Cell Growth

frankincenseI shared with you just how much I love frankincense, right? Now that I am learning more about this miracle oil, I am loving it even more. We know that frankincense can clean things up for us as it is a disinfectant, astringent and antiseptic. These are all great properties need to protect and heal the skin.

In fact, I just ordered some butters that I plan to use as a base. I plan to create a healing salve for my son (the youngest). He suffers from eczema (got it from his mama) and it hurts my soul. I will say that it has calmed down a bit and is on the way to healing. With these properties found in frankincense, we may just be able to expedite the healing process.

Use #2: Healing Cells

  • Cicatrizant: promotes healing through the formation of scar tissue
  • Cytophylactic: protects cells and encourages the growth of cells

So, let’s imagine that I mix a few drops of this frankincense with one of the exotic butters that will soon arrive in the mail. If I can seal in the moisture while promoting healthy skin cell growth, I may just have something spectacular on my hands. Wish us luck!

Use #3: Flatulence

  • Carminative: relieves flatulence

I certainly wish I had known this sooner! That plant-based diet with all the beans does a job of me (and my husband…lol!). I have read several opposing views on consuming essential oils. Some say that it does no harm, while others say the complete opposite. Those of the former opinion, recommend that you place two-three drops of the oil in eight ounces of water to relieve flatulence. I’ll let you know when I try it and what happens.



Frankincense Harvesting

Health Benefits of Frankincense Oil

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