Goddess Body Detox – Sweet 16

Today marks a sweet 16 days into the Fall Equinox and my Goddess Body Detox. Thus far the journey has been beautiful, challenging and eye opening.

Week 2 Updates

This past week I was able to prep much more. I made coconut yogurt parfaits for breakfast, chickpea salad for lunch and maintained by plant-based meals for dinner. I was even able to enjoy a lovely Ethiopian lunch with my mother and sister last week. Yes! It’s my favorite food.

While I told myself that I would begin exercise, that completely didn’t happen. So, here we are 16 days into a detox without a lick of exercise. Baby steps.

This week, I am doing much better with four prepped salads and three smoothies. I was even gifted with a Hello Fresh box from my sister.Thanks, Suga! My dinners are still plant-based and I am still chugging water like a champ.

What’s New?

Well, you know I am not weighing myself. This means that I am forced to pay attention to my reflection, silhouette, fit of my clothing and my waist beads! Yall, this Goddess here is noticing come subtle changes. My “dunlap” is decreasing. Basically, what that means is that when I attempt to grab a handful of extra in the belly area, it does not fill my hands as much. Ha!

My pants have a little more room and these waist beads are lowering! Waist beads will typically rise as your width around expands and lower when it decreases. Owwww!!!

Looking forward

I need to exercise. This heart needs some pumping and this body needs some definition. Planning will be taken to the next level for the upcoming week.  Do you have any tips to begin an exercise routine and stick to it?

Peace and Love


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