Goddess Body Detox – One week in

It has been seven days since beginning the Goddess Body Detox. I have committed to a 28-day detox. As a veteran of this detox and an avid detoxer, the results I yield vary each time.

Before the Detox

As is with most detoxes, I tend to ‘party’ right before I commit. I have been all over the place mentally, emotionally and more. My vice in this season was food. I have been doing a great job refraining from dairy, working with a meal planner, preparing new recipes and even indulging in an occasional meal prep. This time around, I wanted to eliminate bread and soy.

Once the pressure of my middle son entering kindergarten (among other things) began to bubble up, I made a conscious decision to leave my plant-based lifestyle behind. I know…the horror! Yall, I was eating real cheese pizza, quesadillas – awwwwllllllladat!

This was my method to rebel. Now that my vision is clear, I realize that I chose to poison myself as a coping mechanism. I’m just being honest.

The First Seven Days

The weekend prior, I prepped three smoothies and three salads. I did so well for the first three days. It felt great being able to place two jars into my lunch bag and go.

Let’s talk about Days 4 – 7, though. Day 4 was a Thursday. I did great with breakfast by enjoying a banana and I had a leftover corn, black bean and onion mix I made ahead of time. My husband ordered chinese food for dinner because we had school activities to attend. And so it began…

I have a tendency to let the ball roll on down the hill (or sometimes, kick it down the hill) when things don’t go as planned. I fasted for the bulk of the day on Friday, came home and ate two slices of pizza that my husband ordered (no cheese).

Can we talk about the addiction I realized on Friday? Because I had been consuming dairy, I was craving a vegan burger with gooey, melted vegan cheese on Friday. It was in that moment that I realized that this detox was more of a mind over matter battle for me. I can claim a plant-based lifestyle all day long, but if my meals are filled with packaged and processed goods, what is the point? Is that really plant-based?

What’s New?

My scale is inoperable at the moment, which means that I am being forced to pay attention to my body in a different way. How do my clothes fit? How does my skin look? How do I feel?

My clothes are a little looser and I have noticed that my “dunlap” is decreasing. Yay! My skin is clearing up. I began to experience a dry rash and red spots on my face. I honestly believe that this is due to all of the processed foods I had been consuming along with the stress. I noticed that my skin is smoother to the touch, the rash is disappearing and the redness is fading away.

I feel amazing! I am closer to God. I think more clearly. I am just better. Detoxing reminds me of the reasons why I choose a plant-based lifestyle. This is a feeling that I simply cannot shake.

Looking Forward

As I look forward to another week, know that I have prepped my lunch for five days and will be prepping breakfast and other meals throughout the week. I have learned that preparation is key. This is not a detox lesson, but a life lesson. My life is changing drastically before my eyes and I must optimize every moment. Planning and preparation will be instrumental in this new journey.

Peace and Love

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