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2020 Vision featuring Malikah Karim

We are proud to announce our featured guest, Malikah Karim, for our 2020 Vision event. Malikah is a certified health coach and yoga instructor with over fifteen years experience in the health and wellness industry. She delivers results to her students and clients with her professional and yet authentically loving guidance, encouragement and accountability around their Mind & Body well-being. She is honored to do the work she does and hopes to continue to remain a benefit to her family and the many communities she calls home.

As the owner of PURE Wellness & Coaching, Malikah offers workshops, one-on-one work and much more. This beautiful soul will be joining us on January 4, 2020 for 2020 Vision: Mindfulness, Makeup and Manifestation. Her thoughtful, practical and loving guidance will be sure to get us all charged, aware and embracing the concept of mindfulness. Additionally, she will walk us through a few gentle yet effective seated yoga poses that can be easily adopted.

My Experience

You have already read about the event I recently attended. Prior to that I have had the pleasure of connecting with this beauty for yoga and prenatal yoga. She is a gem and we are so very grateful to have her kickoff the day. She has a very special way of checking a sister so that you are motivated to do better. I have genuine love for this woman.

My 2020 Vision involves working more closely with Malikah as I embrace a fitness/wellness routine. Check out this 90-second motivational piece narrated by Malikah.

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