Femme in February

For the month of February, the focus is on the Divine Feminine, the Wombman and the power of of femininity. It’s Femme February!

Yes, I know it is Black History month. There are so many of my fellow bloggers that are focusing on this theme and for good reason. As for me, (as you will learn) I am going against the grain. There was never a time when I lost my blackness, but I have lost my femininity.

Theme of the Month: Femme February

I remember when I thought femininity was weak. I remember when I thought that I had to hustle as hard as a man or get this…that I had to somehow compete with a man in certain areas. When I tell you that this overtaking of masculinity depleted my being, I was so far gone! Don’t get me wrong, I still have a subtle challenge here and there, but thank God I am not where I used to be.

For the month of February, we will be exploring the power of the woman and why it is important to embrace our God-given juiciness. We flow, we speak with no words and our eyes can pierce souls.

I remember when I first began to embrace my femininity, I would say to myself  “I’m tired of wearing the pants. I just wanna wear a skirt.” If you’re connected on Facebook, look out for our skirt challenge. In this challenge, I am challenging my Queens to wear a skirt for the remaining Fridays in February as a subtle reminder of our divine femininity.

Book of the Month: Becoming

Yeah, I’m no fast reader. I’m still reading the same book and so I will continue. Judge me.

Song of the Month: ‘Naked’ by Fertile Ground

I love me some Fertile Ground, yall. This song is all about eliminating the mess and embracing who you are. We release the fears and embrace the light. So, at least once this month I want you to stand before a mirror naked and just be. Appreciate every curve, stretch mark, discoloration, extra jelly – just be.

So Queen, love on yourself this month and be that flowy, beautiful woman that you were created to be. It’s Femme February.

Peace and Love.

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