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Royal Reset – Goddess Edition – 7 days of Goddess

Goddess Body

Peace Loves,

Have you registered for the Royal Reset – Goddess Edition yet? If not, what’s holding you back?

To give you a better idea of what you can expect from this challenge, I am going to reveal to you what you can expect on the first seven days of the challenge.

On the first day of Goddess Queen Rising gave to me, a discount to Goddess Body.

Considering the fact that Christmas has come and gone, you may be working to rebuild your finances. So, in an effort to be gentle to those coins all readers and followers of Queen Rising are receiving a fifteen percent discount to all things Goddess Body between now and January 30th.

This means you can order your detox kit, yoni oil, yoni wash – whatever you like with a 15% discount on your total purchase. Simply enter coupon code “royalreset” to receive this right on time discount.

If you are serious about joining in on the fun, please do not forget to register for the event and purchase your detox kit no later than January 20th. By registering I will have a way to interact with and support you over the course of the detox. It’s going to be fun!

Stay tuned…Peace.

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