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Royal Reset: Goddess Edition – 7 Days of Goddess – Day 2

So far you know that everyone is receiving a discount on all things Goddess Body through January 30th. You’ll get that as a reader of this blog.

If you register for the Royal Reset: Goddess Edition you will have the opportunity to win a series of goodies.

On the second day of Goddess, Queen Rising gave to me,

Two mani gloves and a discount to Goddess Body.

Yes, on Day 2 of the Royal Reset: Goddess Edition two Queens will receive a pair of manicure (or moisturizing gloves).

I am ordering a pair for myself because my hands have been so rough-dry from washing breast pump parts and frequent hand-washing because of the baby world. I need some moisturization and a reason not to scroll through my phone. So, while I’m ordering I will send a pair to two queens participating in the challenge.


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