‘Hot Mumma Summa’ is coming

I’m nearly 100% confident that I am not the only woman out here who is tired of the sweatpants, leggings and basic behavior. Sis, it is time for a ‘glow up’. We have literally been halfway dressing for over a year (think Zoom calls from the waist up). It is time to get fully dressed as we step into this Hot Mumma Summa! Ow!


What is Hot Mumma Summa?

Charlene and I would be remiss if we did not give inspiration credit to Meg the Stallion. Just a few summers ago, she coined the term ‘Hot Girl Summer’. This popular phrase/trend takes us back and ignites the frisky within us all. We think that full grown women of a certain age can relate a bit more if  we give the popular trend a little seasoning –  #HotMummaSumma – where good knees are not required.

This is an opportunity for us to  take several steps away from monitoring our virtual learners, washing pans, switching between Zoom calls and more. This is a time for us to put the attention back on us – the hot mummas. This summer of self-care, self-love and pretty things will take place from June 20 – August 20, 2021.


What does it entail?

Goddess BodyDuring this multi-month challenge we will first focus on a bit of goddess behavior by indulging in clean eating, regular movement and hydration. This will be facilitated by the Goddess Body Detox.  You will have the option of participating in the detox from seven to twenty-eight days.

We will share decadent recipes, realistic exercise routines and unique ways to increase hydration. No worries, there will be something for everyone.

After shedding some extra pandemic pounds through our detox, we’ll seal the deal with Perfecting our Pretty. From July 18th through August 20th we will focus on beauty, skin care and healthy habits that facilitates and maintains a polished look – from the inside out.


Within the next few days, we will announce the details on how you can join us this summer.

Peace and Love.



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