Review: Polish by Beneath Your Mask

Okay, so I am slowly but surely trying the goodness from my May 2017 Vitamin M Box. I finally had the opportunity to try Polish by Beneath Your Mask. Y’all, can I just tell you that I am feeling ultra bougie right now! Allow me to explain…

Because I am ingredient conscious, I wanted to read up on this goodness so that I truly felt comfortable using it. As I perused the beautifully designed website, I couldn’t help but notice that the retail value of polish is $70!!! Honeeyyyyy…I just paid a bill that was $70. When I saw that price point I was like, “Oh…so we’re doing this today.” Animated gif of bougie women at table

I also noticed that this goodness is available for sale at Neiman Marcus, darling. So, yeah I think I’ve walked through the store one time. Needless to say, I feel oh so special to be able to try this goodness. Let’s get to the review…


This is another fragrant product that oozes with lemongrass!!! Y’all know I love me some lemongrass! It smells sweet, citrusy and rich! LOL!

Animated gif with the caption 'Rich people do smell good'


Polich - Beneath Your MaskI have tried my fair share of body scrubs/polishes and I will say that this one is among my favorites. It has a grainy, honey-like texture to it. The grainy texture is a result of the dead sea salt. I am no mixtress, but I do know that a beautiful job was done to achieve the honey-like texture of this body polish. It was not runny at all.

The instructions for use are to massage the product onto dry skin and rinse off in the water. I followed the instructions and immediately noticed a gloss on my skin while rubbing it on. After my little massage I rinsed off in the shower and girl…!!! It was like I had a glistening layer of skin due to the oils in this product. I say the [insert Martin voice] water was glistening all over my body! In addition to the immediate results, I also enjoyed the effects of breathing in the essential oils of lavender and lemongrass. What a great experience.

A little does go a long way. I stretched my little sample size across two separate showers and I still have enough to use on a self pedicure (heels only) or hand treatment. I am using every little bit of this scrub.

Warning: Be careful if you have small scratches. Open wounds and salt do not mix. My hands are extremely dry from all of the hand washing with diaper changes and baby handling. I felt the burn.


To top it all off, I read the description and ingredient list to find that this product is free from all of the crap that the masses allows in beauty products these days. Polish is free of sulfates, parabens, GMOs, phosphates and toxins. Additionally, the product is vegan, cruelty free, gluten free. It’s just awesome. It really makes me smile when so much love, thought and compassion is put into the development of a product.

Note: If you want to be inspired, please take a moment to read the creator’s story on why she started her business.  Amazing!

If you are looking for high end beauty products, consider Beneath Your Mask. I am going to make it a point to try a few more items from the line because I am working to develop my very own personal beauty regimen.


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