Mommy Makeover at Epiphany Beauty

My mommies out there know just how beautiful you feel after wiping poop, being spit up on and after waking up multiple times at night to nurse.  Yeah, real beautiful, right?! How ’bout nah?! I mentioned to you the importance of a mentor. Well, I have a makeup mentor by the name of Charlene T. Easter. She is the key makeup artist at Epiphany Beauty and I luuuuhhhhh her! She’s done my makeup for my first local TV appearance, elopement, wedding reception and just for freaking fun. She’s a part of my life, man!

I’m not a huge daily makeup type of girl, but I love to see it done well on others. My motto is do it right or not at all. My quasi-regular routine includes brow pencil, eyeliner and gloss bae-baeeee! When I feel flirty, I apply mascara and might line the top of my eyelids. I admire women who carve out the time to “get polished” each day. I have not made that evolution yet, but something about it just seems soooo femme to me. I’m still growing.

On Black Friday I was sooo excited to get out of the house by myself and indulge in a little black beauty time with my girl. She’s a beauty consultant with LimeLight by Alcone and wanted to try some product on me to promote her business. Well, how could I say ‘no’?!?!

Makeup free photoMy Mommy Makeover started with me walking in all geeky (and slightly nervous) about getting makeup. I am always a little nervous because I have sensitive skin and allergic reactions to things. Here you’ll notice a little extra cheekage because well…I’m two months post-partum and I like desserts a lot right now. LOL! Gone on and judge me.

Through Charlene’s gift, botanical cosmetics and a few other embellishments I was able to leave the tired mommy look behind for a few moments and get my Goddess Glow on. Yaaasssss!!!

Limelight by Alcone FoundationThe thing that got me about the foundation was that she added a few drops of pure jojoba oil to not only benefit my skin, but automatically provide a great natural glow without too much work. Yes honeys…there is a makeup that you can blend with natural oils. I’m digging it. She also helped a sister out with that winter complexion, too. LOL! She used LimeLight by Alcone’s Botanical Foundation and Perfect Pressed Powder. These products are vegan, so I’m all over them. They are on my list of things to buy.

Mommy Makeover

After creating a great foundation (pun intended) with the Limelight products, she then used Ambient Lighting Edit Palette #2 by Hourglass cosmetics to give me yet another glow. Ow!  Do they have a lotion, Charlene?!? I’m just trying to have that glow with very little work and on demand.

The Makeup Forever Pro Finish Powder was used to shape my face (i.e., reduce the cheekage…lol). They call that contouring in the makeup world. I’m learning, yall!

Eyeshadow: Tarte Cosmetics – Yes, she was dabbing my eyes with that brush and doing all kinds of fancy stuff to create this light smokey eye.

Brow Pencil: Anastasia Beverly Hills – I am huge fan of brow pencils. If my brows are shaped, darkening them with a nice pencil is usually the most involved component of my regular makeup routine. Because I am cutting costs a bit right now, those brows were shaped by yours truly with a razor. I used to get them threaded on a monthly/bi-monthly basis, but I need to save my coins.

Lip Gloss : Limelight by Alcone in Peace – I’m a stickler for words and I didn’t even know the name of this lip gloss, but it is called Peace. I thought it was soooo pretty when she put it on. I will be purchasing. It felt great too.

When I got home my husband told me I looked pretty and gave me muchos besos and my teenage son asked me if I had on makeup. Now, I like that. Well done, Charlene (as always)!!!

Peace….like the lip gloss. Muah!



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