2020 Vision: Manifestation part II – The release ceremony

By now you may have caught several of the hints we’ve thrown your way. In addition to the concept of mindfulness, learning some amazing makeup tips and tricks and identifying strategies to manifest our 2020 visions, I will be cutting off all of my hair!  While many will call it the big chop, we are calling it a release ceremony. This is my personal process of releasing the old energy and experiences trapped in my hair and welcoming the manifestation of new and beautiful energies and experiences.

Release Ceremony Inspiration #1

Before I ran my own salon, I worked part-time in a chain salon. I attracted the natural-haired beauties and I loved it! One experience that stood out for me was a day when a woman sat in my chair with a request for me to cut off her locs and give her a new color. She had just concluded a medical situation and wanted to release the trauma behind that by releasing her hair.

As an empath, I am ridiculously sensitive to energy. I was literally tearing up as I snipped her locs. I felt the pain, stress and uncertainty. She trusted me with this sacred process. Believe it or not, I recently sat next to her at a writing workshop a few months ago and reminded her of our encounter. I don’t think she remembered me, but I could never forget.

Release Ceremony Inspiration #2

Another circumstance that inspired this ceremony was a dear friend of mine making the decision to transition to natural hair after watching the infamous Chris Rock documentary – Good Hair. She was so against the concept of being relaxer free, that it brought me utter and complete joy to help her transition into this natural hair lifestyle. When she was ready, we threw a big chop party. She was surrounded by a lovely group of women there to support her in this transition.

While I highlight two poignant big chops that I have had the pleasure of handling, know that the impact of each and every client that trusted me with their tresses touched me in a unique and beautiful way. I cried a lot – tears of joy, though (once I got home).

The uncertainty that a woman feels when she is about to be naked to the world in terms of hair is indescribable. On January 4, 2020 it is my turn to sit in the chair and be supported by some wonderful women. For those of you who have purchased your tickets and plan to be there – thank you! It means the world.

Chaunda ‘The LockStar’ King

This is the queen that will be guiding me through this new bald-headed journey. Chaunda is more than my stylist. I consider her a friend and a sister. The conversations we have are priceless, inspiring and of course result in an occasional tear or few.

After making the decision to stop doing it all, she was the only one I wanted to touch my hair. At one point, we were going to be working together. She has supported me in such a loving way.

To top it all off, she is one bomb stylist! She has given me so many unique, fun and flirty looks with these locs over the years. Know that I am in awe by this queen’s skills. Whether you are rocking free natural hair, prefer pops of color, rocking locs or want a natural-looking weave honey – she got it!

In addition to facilitating my release ceremony, she is also offering big chops for any queens in the house who may be inspired to release for the new decade. We hope to see you there.

Peace and Love.


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