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Plant-based Diaries: Entry #0003: The current chapter

This is the current chapter of my wellness journey – adopting a vegan lifestyle. So, I no longer eat meat and it took me some time to get there. I am happy and content with that decision.

Of course, this vegan thing came up. I vehemently proclaimed that I would NEVER be vegan. I like cheese, eggs and all of that. No way! Yeah, I said the same thing about becoming a vegetarian. I liked cheeseburgers way to much

Let’s explore what changed my mind…

Between 2006 – 2015 I experienced abnormal screenings during my annual OBGYN visit. The results would expose “abnormal cells”. When asked what that meant, I was told “pre-cancerous cells”. Say what?woman crying on the phone

They told me they needed to keep an eye on it. I had to get pieces of me cut out and taken for a biopsy. I had a liquid bandage all up in my stuff. [Fix your face.] I hated it. I prayed it away a few times, but then it came back.

I was reminded of my maternal grandmother’s passing – ovarian/cervical cancer. Here we go…

I read, I researched and declared that I was just tired of all of this mess! I made a decision to go vegan. It was hard, but I knew what I needed to do.

man praying and beating chest

I succeeded for six months straight – no slipping. I was ordering pizza with no cheese, making all kinds of vegan meals. Just having fun. When I went in for my annual exam, I prayed – never mentioned my diet change to the doctor and waited for the results.

My results came back normal!!!! I didn’t have to return for another check-up/slicing in 6 months. I was free!!!!

woman celebrating

I was disciplined for 6 months (out of ten years of my life) and no longer had to worry about that ailment. It’s all about choices.

It was at that moment that I knew what was best for me. This chapter is ongoing because I do not consider myself vegan today. I have reverted back, returned and reverted back. I believe that this may be similar to my vegetarian journey…only time will tell.

So, that’s my story. My purpose is to encourage you to just try something different. So many times we make excuses for our health (or lack there of). ‘It runs in my family’ or ‘I can’t give up ______’. Chile, please! These excuses are lies. You can do whatever you put your mind to. Tap into the power that you have been given to heal yourself…

Now that I have given you some background around my love for wellness, I am looking forward to sharing this journey with you.  This will be fun.


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