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Recap: Self-care Challenge with the OGs

I shared some time ago that I would be piloting a seven-day self-care challenge with my OGs. Well, we did that! We each made it our goal to carve out time to ourselves each day. Using a self-care plan created by yours truly, the Queens were able to have self-care at the forefront of their minds and acknowledge just how often they place themselves on the back burner. Ouch!

Each day we were charged with accomplishing five, small things:

  1. Nourish your mind
  2. Move your body
  3. Tap into Spirit
  4. Give Love
  5. Express Gratitude

Here is what some of my lovelies had to say:

“I do a daily fast from my phone. No clients or social media for at least 60 minutes every day. Absolutely necessary.”

“…did some push ups and started a new book…leisure reading is something that I used to enjoy but hadn’t done it on years since reading books for time for no other reading. I also pulled out a recipe and tried a new dish…also something else I enjoy…recipe cooking but hardly ever do cause always in a rush.”

“I love my radio and listening to K-love because it literally gets me through traffic but I’ve also decided to just cut the radio off and focus on spiritual and BOYYYY didn’t God speak!”

“I am so thankful for you and your heart for women inside and out! It is all love and I love it! “

After doing this challenge, I made a commitment to offer it once every quarter. The challenges will only get better. With that being said, our next self-care challenge is scheduled for October 30, 2017!

Won’t you come?

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