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Let’s talk about the concept of ‘divine feminine’

The Creation of God by Harmonia Rosales
The Creation of God by Harmonia Rosales
The Creation of God by Harmonia Rosales

The Creation of God by Harmonia Rosales –

Divine feminine is a concept that you may or may not have heard before. I believe that the souls I encounter are on purpose, are designed to help me gain clarity and develop my own interpretation of popular concepts. That being said, my interpretation of ‘divine feminine’ is a collection of experiences, teachings and reflection.

Masculinity vs. Femininity

Traits, mannerisms and tendencies can naturally be categorized as masculine or feminine. Some mix of these masculine and feminine tendencies is normal, healthy and varies per individual. When we feel out of balance, it is usually a result of too much or too little masculine and/or feminine sauce within our being.

Those moments when I feel as though I am ‘not myself’, I must take a step back and assess my actions. Am I taking on too much? Am I leveraging the power of my own femininity and letting go of the masculine traits that my husband naturally possesses?

I personally have learned that when masculinity begins to overtake my being, I become snappy, unhappy, anxious, unpleasant and simply put…’not myself’ or should I say who I was divinely created to be.

Divine Feminine Defined

Divine feminine is an acknowledgement that it is our divine right to be born woman. It is a blessing, an honor, assignment and a responsibility. We are wired in ways that can be described as profound, weird, interesting, ethereal and more – it all depends on who you ask. It is acknowledging that because of our nurturing nature, we will transform, shift and take on responsibilities that are not intrinsically our own. It is accepting that we will at times take on more than we should and perhaps even accept things that we should not. It is forgiving ourselves for saying ‘yes’ when we should have said ‘no’, for allowing temporary circumstances to become permanent personalities and for not listening to the divine gift of intuition that each woman is given.

Femininity is soft, vulnerable and wise. Femininity is beautiful, powerful and divine.

Holy Text

Whether documented or not, you must know that a woman was involved in the making of this world, of great leaders and more. As I sat in church one Sunday, I remember being pleasantly surprised by the pastor’s statement that so many women were omitted from the Bible. He referenced the care, conversations and healing that more than likely took place because of women.

Having grown up (my early years) in the church, dabbled in kemetic teachings and adored the Creator with women of many faiths through prayer groups, I recognize that the attributes of the Creator are consistently masculine or feminine. These experiences served as confirmation for me. As I read my Bible, I learned that masculinity and femininity are noted there as well. In fact, wisdom is referenced as ‘she’. I am no philosopher or religious scholar. I only speak from my own experiences and interpretations. I own my truth and am comfortable with it.


  1. I am powerful.
  2. I am graceful.
  3. There is strength in my femininity.
  4. I have been trusted with an assignment to nurture, love and live in the likeness of the Creator.
  5. My tears fill the oceans and cure thirst unbeknownst to me. Though they are salty, they bring forth sweet blossoms.

Queen, walk in your power. Allow the things, attitudes and habits that do not serve you to fall away. Embrace your femininity and watch everything fall into place.

Peace and Love.

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