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Widsom and Femininity

Proverbs 4:6We have a chalkboard in our kitchen and I write a scripture on the board each week. The most recent scripture is Proverbs 4:7, which reads:

Wisdom is the principal thing; therefore get wisdom: and with all thy getting get understanding.

This scripture resonated with me because in my Bible reading journey I recall reading how wisdom is assigned a pronoun of  “she”.  Before delving into the personification of wisdom, let’s first define wisdom as we know it.definition of wisdom

Now, let’s move back into the personification as “she”. How does that make you feel as a woman? How does it feel to have something so admirable being personified with a feminine flair? There is power in femininity.

I remember when my life was much more imbalanced. I was abandoning my feminine nature and now in hindsight I realize that this was one of the main reasons why my life was in shambles at that time – especially in the love department.

Ladies, please stop “bragging” about what you have and how you shouting to the world that you don’t need a man. Please stop taking responsibilities from that man. He actually wants to do some things for you.  A man is not interested in competing with you, so “femme up”! It is a tough transition when you are accustomed to “holding it down”. Let go of a few things and watch your world shift.

What this scripture says to me is to embrace my feminine nature and understanding will follow. I am living proof that this works. My entire life shifted once I embraced my feminine nature. The quality of my relationship, life and more is so free flowing.

Won’t you come?


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