Week 3 Summary: Hot Mumma Summa

This third week of the Goddess Body cleanse is dedicated to mindfulness. During Week 3 of Hot Mumma Summa, I focused my attention on me – mentally.


For the second week in a row, I have committed to practicing mindfulness and it feels good! Last week it was all about the mornings, but this week I find myself engaging in meditation before bed.


For tracking purposes, I complete a two-minute meditation from my Fitbit. I also like to follow that up with a five to twenty minute meditation from Pelaton app. Did you know they were having a summer pass sale?

When I’m really in the zone, I hope on over to Bright and Salted Yoga for yet another ten-minute or less meditation.


Exercise was a no-go and it shows. I picked up the weight I lost. The most I moved was for forty-seven minutes all week and that was from cleaning. I must do better.


Eating and Hydration

The intermittent fasting is still in full effect. I’m loving it. Tea time is one of my favorite times of the morning. It is my replacement for breakfast. This week I am drinking UNItea from Umami Gourmet Tea and Coffee. Isn’t it beautiful?

I ate well and splurged on a vegan burger – just one this time. Burgers are my comfort food. This has been my story since childhood.

July 18th will be here before we know it. My tinctures are getting low and my body is getting accustomed to the increase in water. Last week my average intake was 69.3 ounces.

This iteration of the cleanse is guiding me into a space of awareness, mental health, boundaries and healthy habits. Though exercise has not been fully embraced, I am grateful the new habits of mindfulness and hydration.

Peace and Love.

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