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Why I love the ‘D’

I have a confession. I love the ‘D’. You know – Vitamin D. You knew that was what this post was all about, right? Riiiiight! Let’s get into it.

Back Story

A few years ago I went in for a routine physical. Not only was I convinced that the scale at the office was broken, but I learned that my Vitamin D levels were dangerously low. My doctor placed me on an extremely high dose of vitamin D, which was to be taken twice per week. I filled the prescription and occasionally followed protocol until I didn’t. I do not like taking pills of any sort and well – I just stopped.

Fast Forward

Roughly one month ago, I went in for yet another routine physical and learned that I was roughly ten pounds down from last year. I was interrogated (not really) about the vitamin D issue. This is when the doctor shared how important vitamin D was for me and that my lab work indicated vitamin D levels so low that it could not be detected. I inquired about brand recommendations and her response was – just get some before your bones turn to dust. Ouch, but thank you.

Fully acknowledging my peri-menopause era, I went ahead and ordered the vitamins I believed could work for me.

Enter Black Girl Vitamins

Because I am a fan of black-owned everything, I decided to give Black Girl Vitamins a try. Because of my flaky vitamin D regimen in the past, I opted for a single thirty-day supply.

For the next thirty days, I religiously took two vitamin D3 gummies (yes gummies!) along with two spoons of sea moss daily. Here are a few things I noticed from my first thirty days:

  • Reduced brain fog
  • Less belly fat
  • Improved sleep
  • Reduced and less intense mood shifts
  • Increased energy

Because I am a nerd, my plan is to break down each of these results along with the ‘why’ and ‘how’. I have got to know and I hope you are down for the ride. Stay tuned…

Peace and Love.



  1. Charlene

    May 28, 2024 at 11:25 pm

    I love the D too, lol!!!???? Thanks for sharing, I take a weekly dose right now as prescribed but will remember to try the Black Girl Vitamin Gummies when these run out. Also SUPER interested in trying Sea Moss. Is it a gel or powder form and is that also from Black Girl Vitamins?

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