Summer 2021: A change is coming

Hermit season is coming to a close and it is now time to live this life! I mean it. Change is coming in Summer 2021. My hiatus was not in vein. My plan is to not only share what I have learned, but to also collaborate with a few other powerful and simply amazing sisters so that we as women, mothers, strong friends, wives and more can embrace ourselves fully!

What’s this change about?

I’m ready to experience new things. I want to get this body back in shape (pre-pandemic). My routine needs to be set and I need to show up as the awesomely glowing goddess that I am every single time. Leggings and sweatpants need to be for working out only. These toes need to be addressed regularly. This hair needs more attention. I could go on and on, but I won’t. I think you catch my drift. Basically, it is time to show up and sparkle.

But how?

One of the major takeaways that resonated with me from my rites of passage program is that we are not designed to do this thing called life all alone. Relationships are sacred and should be handled with care.  What also resonated with me is the fact that we each have a purpose and lane in which we operate.

This summer I am tapping in to her, her, you and her to ensure that we all experience a summer to remember. My dear sister-friend and I are thinking of a master plan to kick-off Summer 2021. If you know anything about our collaborations, you know they are filled with soul-hugging, beautiful faces and feminine appreciation. I won’t say much more.

All I ask is that you stay tuned. More to come…

Peace and Love.

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