Prayer and Meditation – Essential tools for spiritual guidance

Praying WomanIf you asked me about meditation a few years back when I was all up in the church (no disrespect), I may have considered that to be something quite sinister or “not of God”. Well, I have changed. I have grown. I actually read my Bible now instead of relying on hearsay from others or adopting the opinions of others. I interpret the word for myself and I am at peace.

Prayer is a concept that is not foreign to anyone that has ever attended church. Prayer is when we are talking to the Creator.  Meditation is a when we listen to the Creator.

Think about any relationship you have. Is it normal to simply talk to your friend all the time and never be heard? No. Communication is so essential in every relationship. Allow me to clarify – two-way communication is essential to any relationship. Certainly, we talk to the Creator in the form of gratitude, random thoughts and requests. When do we take the time to listen to the Creator?

Take a moment to just be still and focus on the Creator. During this meditation you may receive reassurance, instructions or just a sense of calm.

Peace. Be Still.

Image Credit: The Praying Woman


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