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Inhale. Exhale.

“It is impossible to inhale new air until you exhale the old. I pray that God would give the grace of releasing where you have been so you can receive what God has for you now. Exhale, then inhale; there is more for you.”

I have been on a quest to read the Bible in its entirety since 2008. Ask me if I have finished? The answer is “No”. I have indulged in this reading habit/ spiritual nourishment at frequencies ranging from daily to whenever. I believe that everything happens for a reason and I am validated by this nearly ten-year journey. Each time I choose to pick up the good book, the current chapter usually references an area of concern or provides a message I need to hear at that moment. I am happy to share that I am roughly 120 pages away from completing this journey – reading the Bible in its entirety.

I am currently reading the Woman Thou Art Loosed Bible by TD Jakes. It is written in the New King James version. For my skeptics…no, this man did not write his own version of the Bible. Thank you. What he has done is written several articles where the word can be applied in terms that we can understand. What he has done is written a multitude of Gospel Pearls to help keep you encouraged as you meditate on the word. This post actually begins with one of those Gospel Pearls. Thank you TD Jakes for adding these inserts into the Bible. I reflect on them often.


I have personally been struggling with this journey called life in that I know there is more for me. I acknowledge where I have been and appreciate every moment. This is a season of newness for me. I will continue to pray and meditate on the things I must release in order to make room for what is destined to be. Disorganization, Prioritization, Overthinking, Procrastination and Perfectionism are the five things that immediately come to mind.

What are some things that you know you need to release?


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