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Plant-based Diaries: Entry #0002 – How it all began pt. 2

red meat

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So, my body began to react to meat in ways that it never had before. As you read, I loved a burger and a cheesesteak. They knew me in Wendy’s. I had people warning me to “slow down”. It was baaaaad. I loved t-bones, ribeyes all of it and could make a mean steak! Whoooo!

Beyonce and Nicki Minaj eating cheeseburgers

Well, all of a sudden I noticed black spots on my skin and I had an increase in migraine headaches. I had my first migraine at 19 and they would occur once per month/every other month and they were completely debilitating. I had to catch a cab from Northern VA to Richmond once because I could not drive. It was bad.

Woman with bad headache

I had gotten used to the migraines, but the black spots were something new and it was scary. I went to the doctor – he could not explain it. He referred me to the allergist. They told me to basically eat nothing. Seriously, they told me that I had a reaction to lettuce, tomatoes and a host of other vegetables. That was rejected! So, what did I do? I prayed for an answer. The next morning,┬áthe decision was made to eliminate red meat.

Over the course of a few weeks the spots disappeared. Yay! In order to isolate the issue, I ate red meat one more time and guess what – the black spots came back. Red meat was gone forever; especially after reading up about how red meat is processed for our consumption.

In a Nutshell: Conventional red meat comes from cows that are injected with whatever, mistreated and fed GMO materials. After the cows are killed and sliced the meat is “rinsed” with ammonia and/or bleach to get rid of the bad bacteria. Of course this process discolors the meat and so they then inject the meat with color so that we are attracted to it.

Crying photoshopped being that is disgusted

It is my belief that my body could not handle the ammonia, bleach and/or dyes and told me so by way of the black spots on my skin.

That left me with two final meat options (chicken and turkey) and guess what… I just got bored.┬áThere just isn’t enough Lawry’s marinades to satisfy me. I’ve eaten chicken my whole life, yall! I of course read some things and watched a few documentaries and those helped solidify my decision as well.

Whitney Houston looking bored
Actual footage of me thinking about another batch of marinated chicken.

My last taste of meat was Easter Monday 2010. I made two lasagnas – meat and vegetarian. We ate the meat lasagna together as a family and I have not touched meat ever since. I enjoyed eating my vegetarian lasagna for the rest of the week.

It’s been fun….

Next up (Part 3 – vegan – the current chapter)…

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