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Why I Love the ‘D’: Reduced Brain Fog


Do you ever walk around feeling as if you are in a fog? It is as if there is this invisible layer of fog looming atop your eyelids so much so that your eyes may even be heavy. Your reactions are slower than usual and common things are difficult to remember. There is a level of exhaustion that is so very difficult to explain. This is my experience and how I describe brain fog.

Brain Fog Defined

According to the Cleveland Clinic, brain fog can be defined as “…a common group of symptoms that affect how you think, remember and concentrate.” This aligns perfectly with the symptoms shared from my own personal experience. While it can be a symptom of illness, medical treatment or an underlying condition, brain fog can also be connected to anxiety and depression.


Speaking from a more personal space, I attribute my brain fog experience to stress, undiagnosed anxiety, hormonal changes, diet and nutrition. I also connect brain fog to my inaction as it relates to committing to moving my body and engaging in prayer, meditation and breathwork daily. I have seen these practices benefit me in such a marvelous way and like many of us – I stray and/or fail to stick to the very things(s) that work.

During this month of June, I am recommitting to my overall health. I have everything I need and it is time to walk like I know that. My daily health routine now includes:

  • Journalling
  • Meditation and/or Breathwork
  • Prayer
  • Minimum of thirty minutes of movement
  • Daily Supplements

These practices allow me to clear my head, give thanks and make a conscious effort not to focus on anything else aside from my relationship with the Creator, my divine assignment and honoring this temple.

The hardest thing to tame in my opinion is the mind. I am focusing on my mind because up next is nutrition. In order to return to what I know – I must get my mind right. Thanks for joining me on this journey.

Peace and Love.

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