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There is beauty in stretch marks

Embrace Your StripesFirst and foremost I want to give thanks and appreciation to the artist known as Rokz_art for creating this piece – Embrace Your Stripes. This man is talented! When I saw this image it took my breath away. I was captured by the stretch marks, waist beads and on purpose omission of details pertaining to the yoni and breasts. Just wow!

This weekend I was chatting with a cousin about stretch marks and the assumption was that I had none. Ha!I have had stretch marks since my teenage years and honestly never really had an issue with them. They were just a part of me.

My stretch marks welcomed be into my womanly physique. My stretch marks surfaced after the birth of each child. I consider them to be gentle reminders from the Creator. My stretch marks remind me of the growth that took place (not just physically) to grow into womanhood. They remind me of the miracle reserved for women – carrying and birthing children. My stretch marks are my souvenirs, mementos and reminders of the power of a woman. They remind me of the work and purpose I have been charged with.

In today’s world the media makes a massive attempt to “inform” us of what is acceptable in terms of beauty. In recent years beauty has become so much of an illusion with the use of photoshop, filters and the like. It is quite disgusting. Know this…you are beautiful – raw, uncut, unfiltered. Take pride in these lioness stripes. Ignore the media and don’t you dare entertain anyone who has something negative to say about these glorious and unique etchings on our skin.



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