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Plant-based Diaries: Entry #0009 – Hide the Chips

Kettle ChipsLet me be clear about something. Choosing a plant-based diet does not make life boring or free from temptation. There are plenty of plant-based options that are pure junk. Most chips are free of egg, dairy and meat. Oreo cookies are vegan, too. Plant-based junk does exist.

Man backing up in disbelief

Here lately, I have been in my emotions. I have been up, down, distant, contemplating, pissy – you name it. Every day is different.

Will Ferrell being emotional in a phone booth

My coping mechanism has been chips. I am not a huge fan of chips, but there is something about that salty crunch that does it for me right now. I like super crunchy, salty chips right now. As soon as I get home I smash! I spread those babies out on a paper towel and munch while cooking.

Woman eating chips

Based on the reading that I have done, I can connect this craving for crunch to anger/stress (moreso stress). Because this isn’t my norm, I am working to stabilize this stress/anger and identify an outlet for it.  In an effort not to beat myself up too badly, I am giving myself grace as I acknowledge that I am working through several simultaneous transitions all around.

Am I the only one going overboard with the chips? Let me know something.


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