Plant-based Diaries: Entry #0007 – Avocado Toast is hitting the spot!

Avocado ToastSo, I’m not eating eggs. I have enjoyed my vegan omelettes for sure. I am remembering a fried egg on toast. The texture, the flavor of the salt and pepper. I just remember it. I never would have thought that I could mimic that experience (minus the heat). Well, the avocado toast did it for me. Now,  will admit it took me some time to acquire the taste of avocado. I still have my moments.

This quick and simply breakfast makes me happy and makes me feel as though I am treating my body well.

The Bread

I use Ezekiel Bread. This is a bread made of sprouted grains and should remain refrigerated. I toasted the bread in the toaster oven and didn’t even add anything the bread. I love the heartyness of this bread. It is very filling.

The Avocado

I then sliced an avocado and spread that bad boy on toast, sprinkled a bit of sea salt, fresh ground black pepper and fresh ground red pepper flakes.

The texture reminds me of a fried egg and the seasoning really brings in on in. I have been eating this for breakfast for the past couple of weeks and I love it. Maybe I will get a little fancy some time soon.

Give it a try!

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