Plant-based Diaries: Entry #0004: The Eggless Omelette

This plant-based life is going okay and I credit my son’s reactions to dairy to my success thus far. Ever since exploring this lifestyle I was intrigued by the vegan omelette. How in the world do you create an omelette without an egg, I thought. Well, I gave it a whirl and the results were yummy.

The key to the eggless omelette is chickpea (or garbanzo bean) flour. After perusing a few recipes, I settled on one that I thought was simple enough to master – The Forks Over Knives Chickpea Omelette recipe. The recipe was easy to follow, delicious and satisfying. This recipe actually makes between four and five omelettes assuming you are making them in a smaller pan.

I liken chickpea omelettes to making pancakes. While the batter calls for a specific amount of water, you can add more or less based on your preference. The very first batch that I made was quite “pancakey” in that the texture was more fluffy and thick than I wanted. After adding more water, I got exactly what I wanted.  Yummers!

Over the past few weeks I have prepped these omelettes and enjoyed them daily.

Chickpea Omelette


  • Easy to make. I am so serious. It is like making pancakes. I just mastered my pancake, yall so it’s okay if you have yet to master yours.
  • Delicious. The flavors are wonderful and easily customizable; much like traditional omelettes. Add whatever you choose.
  • Easy for meal prep. This recipe makes enough “batter” to prepare multiple omelettes. This makes meal prep so much easier. The week that I chose to prep omelettes I saved money by not eating out.
  • No more chicken abortions. You are no longer eating an unborn baby chicken. Now, you have a plant-based alternative. Whooo-hoooo!


Open a window. So this is bean flour, folks. Not only is the omelette itself skrong (yes, I said skrong), you might be too. If you can’t decode it…let’s just say flatulence will be at an all time high. ‘Tooting’ is an understatement. I was warming up my omelette in the lunch room at work and a gentleman simply left the room. LOL! I was so shamed, but oh well. Keep in mind, I add all types of funky goodness in my omelette to include onion powder, chives…just be aware.





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