It’s National Nutrition Month!

March is National Nutrition Month (among other things). I initially wanted to do great things for this however after reading the rules and regulations for utilizing graphic images from the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics, I decided it was just too much.

So, here I am writing a post about a celebration that I cannot graphically support. What shall I do? Well, I will define nutrition and what it means to me, share a book I plan to read this month and hope that you will join me in simply placing more thought into what you consume.

My definition of nutrition

To me, nutrition is more than the morsels we choose to place into our mouths. Nutrition is what we choose to consume. Every day we are consuming food (of course), snacks posing as food, energy, self-talk, music and more. Everything that we consume has the ability to manifest into something beautiful or disgusting.

For the month of March, pay attention to:

  • Lyrics of the songs you frequently enjoy
  • What you are speaking out loud
  • Opinions you are internalizing
  • Foods, drugs, junk you choose to consume
  • Other people’s “mess” you choose to carry

If it helps, jot this stuff down or leave a comment to share an epiphany or two that you have had about what you choose to absorb – your personalized nutrition plan. By definition, nutrition is supposed to be “…necessary for health and growth”. Now, revisit that list and ask yourself are these things providing or contributing to your health and growth. If the answer is ‘no’, work to identify ways to phase them out. We cannot fly with all that junk.

Good Read

Living Foods for Optimum Health: Your Complete Guide to the Healing Power of Raw FoodsThis month I am reading “Living Foods for Optimum Health: Your Complete Guide to the Healing Power of Raw Foods“. I started this book a few years back and never finished (77/252 pages). So, I am starting over this month. I look forward to trying things like sprouting my own food, making my own dressings and a few other things.

What makes me happy about this book is that the foreword was written by the one and only Mrs. Coretta Scott King. Who knew she was vegan? I will absolutely post a review of the text and/or share my little experiments with you as I move through the book.


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