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CodyApp: Practice Royalty

Before finding out I was pregnant, I made a decision spend my time loving on me instead of numbing my mind playing Panda Pop. I beat my addiction by deleting the game from my phone. It was baaadddd.

Oftentimes, it is a challenge for me to get out of the house. So, I needed a tool that would allow me to truly practice yoga without leaving the house. This is where the Cody App came into play. I had been following Yoga Racheal for quite some time and I was so excited to learn that she created a yoga practice via Cody App. Guess what it’s called? The yoga practice is called Practice Royalty!

Isn’t she amazing!?!

I was practicing royalty daily in my sacred space. My results were amazing – mentally, physically and emotionally. Finally, I was taking time to love on me. My husband also loved the fact that I was loving me as well. He said so. The admiration (and lust…lol) in his eyes when I was hitting those yoga poses might have been the reason why we have a third son. LOL!

The sessions ranged from ten minutes to nearly an hour and the flow was perfect. Racheal is extremely encouraging throughout the process.

What I really like about CodyApp is the fact that you make the purchase and it’s yours forever! This is not a monthly subscription. You the sessions you want and are given the option to download them to any device. They are yours. If you’re anything like me, I cannot do another automatic deduction from my account.

Those participating in the Self-Care Challenge will be given a discount code for this yoga plan.  I hope you join us.


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