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Another ‘go’ at vegan

World Vegan DayHappy World Vegan Day!

Roughly a year ago I was able to successfully embrace a vegan diet. I cooked more, ate colorful foods and experienced healing that took me years to achieve. Let me tell you that I did not do this alone.

My love for a vegan diet typically begins with a Goddess Body Detox. During this detox I work hard to reap the optimum results by consuming a raw (for the most part), vegan diet for twenty-one days.  Having completed the cleanse a few times before, I will say that the first twenty-one days are not so much of a challenge. On day 22 though…

Nutty professor guzzling candyMonique Koch, Brown Vegan

I wanted more. I wanted to feel that great more often. That’s when I discovered Brown Vegan. She is my vegan lifestyle coach. I took advantage of her vegan coaching program and was able to hold on for six months straight. My experience with Brown Vegan was great because she built in accountability calls, providing recipes and sample meal plans. I just loved chatting with her! She had me ordering pizza with no cheese, yall!

My breaking point was Thanksgiving. I said “whatever” to the vegan in me and ate candied yams (all that good butter), macaroni and cheese – I just didn’t care. I allowed the social aspects of food to take over.

Fast forward to the birth of our third son. He is thriving now, but early on his weight gain was right on the line of concern. His bowel movements were mucousy and/or watery. Wanna know what the doctor said, “It could be an intolerance to dairy.” Duh! I’ve done the research, watched What the Health, and knew better. This little person with a brand spanking new set of organs was having a hard time dealing with eggs and cheese. Duh! Shame on me!

Since that time, I have omitted these two “foods” and our little guy is picking up weight like a champ. Our children are our reflections. As I inspect his poop and look at his skin, I acknowledge that I am the reason for any issues he may have. He’s eating just like me because I am a nursing mom.

Today, I am slowly embracing a plant-based diet. I have already purchased my substitute cheese, yogurt and butter. I have started my smoothie prep. Stay tuned for more updates.


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