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The Worm and the Falcon

And just like that I knew all was well. I have had my episodes with cardinals, bluebirds, hawks and now falcons. Random feathers have been along my path. This falcon has been poised on a neighbor’s stoop, fence or even in a tree and each time the falcon is facing our home – dare I say me. I feel like the falcon is watching me. A sense of peace always surfaces, I smile and move about my day. That is, until I had back-to-back encounters with another one of God’s creations.

The Worm

As I began a midday walk, I noticed an earthworm wiggling on the sidewalk. The creature looked discolored – almost burnt. I just knew that it would not make it to the other side and into the grass where it could bury itself into the soil. Acknowledging that I had just filled a water bottle, I decided to “save” the worm. I splashed a little water and immediately, the worm began to violently move about. The little creature returned to a color I recognized. I began to create a path for the worm to travel without burning. As I poured more water I noticed that the worm stopped moving, positioned itself into the shape of the letter “C” and then came a small burst of blood and the movement ended. The worm was dead.

Did I kill the worm? What had I done? I was slightly devastated. What had I done?

Because Google is my friend, I quickly began searching on the tendencies of worms and learned that they will actually end their own lives by trying to crawl on concrete. The scientific explanation I found made sense, but I still felt bad about the situation. I was drawn to that worm.

The Falcon

FalconIt’s like the falcon was posing for me. As I am getting into my car, I notice this falcon perched on our fence. As I observe the claws, beak and feathers, I pulled out my phone to take a picture and the bird turned it’s head as if to pose for the photo.

Immediately, I knew that this was not an accident. Within two days, I had been drawn to two different creatures. Again, Google is my friend and I begin to investigate the spiritual meaning of these creatures.

“The falcon spirit animal appears to you when you need higher knowledge or clarity in finding the best solutions to your problems.┬áThe falcon symbolism, after all, speaks about victory, success, and rising above challenging situations…”

The Falcon Spirit Animal

One of the things that most surprising things about this find is that the falcon has a connection that is similar to the worm. Clearly, the Creator is communicating with me through these animals. I am here for it!

“At its core, the falcon meaning signifies wisdom, vision, and protection. This beautiful and powerful creature can awaken your visionary power and bring you closer to your life goals, so listen closely to its message of change!”

The Falcon Spirit Animal

While I am not in a place to publicize the changes that are taking place with my life at this very moment, the few that are aware know that this is no coincidence.

“The worm meaning reassures you that just when you feel like giving up, you will receive your breakthrough. You will experience your rebirth at just the perfect time.”

The Worm Spirit Animal

Know this. The Creator speaks to us in so many ways and through many methods. I am grateful for the abandonment of “Me First” and my reconnection to “Thee First”. My purpose awaits.

Peace and Love.


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