Put Yourself First

I took a break from the blog in an attempt to pull myself together. Now, I am not all the way together at this moment, but I wanted to post to share this much – put yourself first.

The irony in this statement is that it is the very purpose of this blog – to remind us womenfolk to put ourselves first. Here I am working to convince you to do it and there I go falling into my own season of needing someone to remind me of the very same. Some may call it being a hypocrite. I call it being honest. I am imperfect and I have my moments. The thing is…I know just how beautiful life can be when I intentionally put myself, my honest desires and my own self-care before all others. It is daily, hourly and sometimes by-the-minute internal work that needs to be done to achieve this and I am not exempt of that work. I fell off, but I’m re-building now.

Do I believe that it is my soul’s purpose to help women fly high in their soul’s purpose and be mindful of losing themselves? Yes, I do. Does that make me a pro at it or exempt to moments of the same struggle? Absolutely not. Let it be known queens, I am right here with you.

These past few months have really been a challenge. I have been indecisive (more than usual…ha!), a mess (in the head and in my physical space), anxious – just all over the place. Anger, disconnecting myself from reality, avoidance, sadness – all of these emotions were swirling around me and I could not escape it. It was only when I noticed physical pain (from stress) that I decided to pay attention and do something.

So, what did I do? Well, I’ll tell you about that later. I’m still going through it and I prefer to share that information with you after I have gone through the storm; not while I am riding it out. For now, I just want to intrigue your thoughts with these thoughts:

  • You cannot be that vivacious wife if you do not care for yourself.
  • You cannot take care of the children if you do not care for yourself.
  • You teach people how to treat you.

Just know that I am okay and brighter days are on the horizon. Our Creator is great and all things happen for a reason. I am grateful for this season in my life. Change is most definitely coming.

Amen. Selah. Ase’.

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