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Sisterhood is sacred

As an introvert, being alone is a favorite pastime of mine. I find joy in reflecting and recharging. It brings me peace. No matter how fulfilling alone time can be, there is something to be said about sisterhood. There is nothing like having a sister who you can call on, build with, laugh with and share life experiences. Sisterhood is sacred.

I was blessed with one blood sister whom I love and adore, I have also been fortunate to encounter sweet souls who I consider spiritual sisters. No matter the time or space between our encounters, when we connect we simply pick up where we left off. I love them and our relationships are sacred.

Rites of passage program

After being side-swiped by the pandemic, I found that I was losing myself. I had not been tapping into and appreciating the woman that the Creator made me to be. This began to show in my relationships (the very few that I have). I was agitated, unhappy, distant – it was no good.

Realizing that my “problem” belonged to no one other than me and that I only had control over me, I decided to go within. What came up for me was finishing what I started – namely, my sacred studies. Some time ago I embarked on a journey of self-discovery by enrolling in a woman’s program inspired by the infamous text Sacred Woman by Queen Afua. This program shifted me in beautiful ways, but sadly I did not finish.

My goal was to restart a rites of passage program and complete it. After researching a few programs, I decided on the Sacred Goddess Temple rites of passage program through A Life of Peace Wellness Education Institute founded by Dr. Akua Gray.

The Process

Enrolling in this program forced me to use my voice to request dedicated time for our weekly online gatherings. I created a boundary and asked for help. Not only did I create a boundary, but I upheld it and respected. This alone taught everyone in the household to do the same. I was reclaiming myself from the beginning.

As the weeks went by, we explored numerous gateways, participated in beautiful activities, shared, cried, laughed and learned together. Never in my life have I experienced this type of closeness with multiple women simultaneously. I’m a loner, remember. It was beautiful.

This program and the women with whom I shared space taught me that each of us are unique, beautiful and worthy. I gained several new friends whom I love and adore. Though we never met in-person, our bond is one that I will savor for a lifetime.


woman with white ostrich feather in her hair smiling

Graduation day from the Sacred Goddess Temple rites of passage program.

At the conclusion of our time together, we wore all white and swapped our peacock feathers for ostrich feathers. We were each given new spiritual names symbolizing the new (and renewed) beings we were becoming. My name is personal to me, so I will not share it here. Just know that I continue doing the work so that I may embody the meaning of my name in its fullness.

If you have not participated in a program such as this, I encourage you to consider it. It is awakening, challenging and comforting. I am a better person, woman, wife and mother because of this program. I am grateful.

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