Peace & Love

Progress…Not Perfection

Truth be told I have had the desire to blog for quite some time. Having started a successful blog a few years ago, I wanted this attempt to be perfect. I became overwhelmed and strived for perfection before the big launch. I participated in blogging webinars, workshops and even read great resources on how to blog because this just had to be perfect!

Today after chatting with a dear friend of mine I found myself speaking the very words I needed to hear as I was discussing the observations I made of another person. For over a year, the launch of this blog has been a desire of mine. The past few months have been dedicated to “branding”. I created my own logo and well…I didn’t know what I was doing and so it doesn’t scale properly. Ha! Needless to say…I am starting over and asking for help when necessary.

The title of this blog is called Queen Rising – emphasis on the ‘-ing’. It is active and ongoing and continuously evolving. I made the decision to just do it! Is the blog perfect? Absolutely not. Is there room for improvement? Absolutely. Because this space – this blog – is a reflection of me. I have decided to make my first post. This post represents progress. I am content. I am satisfied. Stay tuned…

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