Meet the mother in me

Peace Queens,

Before we delve into specific topics of motherhood, I believe it is only befitting to share with you who I am as a mother. I am the free-spirit condoning mother, the wear what you want mother, the homemade ice cream for breakfast mother – yeah that’s me. While that sounds fun, let’s be fair and tell you what other type of mother I am/have been – the conversationalist, the lose myself mother, the get too absorbed mother and lastly the ‘I don’t need any help’ mother. Oh, motherhood is such a balancing act.

I am the mother of two (soon to be three) children. My children include a teenager, toddler and soon to be infant. We’re talking three phases of childhood at one time. Please pray for my husband and I. Ha! It is a beautiful journey and we have learned that all children are different and are gifts from the Creator. Allow me to give you a profile of these children.

The Teenager

He’s a cool and handsome guy! Scholarly, respectable and gifted. That’s this guy. Honors classes in addition to sports – he’s got it going on. I am humbled that his soul picked us. As my first born, I have spent the most time with him and am in awe of his development and ability to persevere through this thing called life. During this phase we can look forward to high school football games, formal affairs, jobs, college searches, girls (oh boy!) and more.

The Toddler

My second-born and soon-to-be middle child. Oh, he is such a cutie and melts many hearts. He’s a regular with the cafeteria lady at his preschool and everybody knows his name. We are constantly amazed by the Creator’s blessings when it comes to this child. Our toddler was diagnosed with autism at the age of two. While his case is mild, the impact that this diagnosis has had on our lives is not so mild. We do not consider the diagnosis as a definition nor a limitation. He is our gift and we were chosen to love on this guy and that we will do.

The Infant

Well, we have a few weeks before meeting┬áthis soul. This soul will be a bold healer. I feel it in my gut. Stay tuned…

As you can see motherhood is a reality for me, however it is my goal to live a balanced life. That means taking time for self, my husband and my children. Let’s go!

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