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Mentors make a difference

I consider myself to be a loner. I prefer my own company, have had issues with asking for help and believed that if anything was going to get done…well…I had to do it…alone. I called myself a loner and this attitude is a recipe for a lonely life and stagnation.

As I ride this journey called life,  I have awaken. I realize that I need help in a number of areas of my life. I am stepping outside of myself and reaching out for help. Ouch! It’s weird, but oh so worth it. There were changes that I wanted to make in my life and year after year I failed when attempting to do it on my own. Something had to give.

I have a beauty career mentor, vegan coach, queen mentor and makeup mentor. Know that I will have a fashion mentor soon. I am pulling my life together, fam and today (unlike in the past) I am not afraid to ask for help.  What is it with us that makes us feel weak if we ask for help?

So many of us scream that “strong black woman” mantra and truth be told we are weak as water on the inside. We’re broken, overwhelmed, frazzled…just a mess.

Be strong enough to face the truth about your abilities.

Be strong enough to delegate.

Be strong enough to trust the experts or someone who is doing it better than you to help you.

This revelation was huge for me and now…there is no turning back. Sometimes we need cheerleaders, advisors – a team. Mentors have made a beautifully positive impact on my life. I encourage you to seek one or an accountability partner at a bare minimum. It truly is life changing.


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